Many people use CBD, but have you ever wondered if CBD was okay for your pets and what the benefits would be?

Well, it just so happens that the Endocannabinoid System that exists in us also exists in our pets. So similar to how CBD can benefit many people, it can also do the same for our furry friends.

What researchers are finding is that many illnesses are being linked to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED), not to be confused with cannabidiol (CBD). CED is linked to many pet-related illnesses as well, making CBD a common go-to for relief of various conditions caused by this.

How do you give CBD to your pet?

You might think that getting your pet to take CBD could be difficult as it sometimes can be when trying to give your pet a pill. But you can actually get yummy CBD containing treats, or simply use a tincture and mix together with your pet’s food. Easy as that!

What Dosage of CBD do I give my pet?

To ensure you give the proper dosage, make sure to check with your vet. Check that CBD won’t have any interference with medications your pet might be on. Always start out small and monitor your pet. It may be a good idea to talk with your vet and do your research before starting your pet on CBD.

Potential Side Effects

Potential side effects to look out for in your pets include: dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. Try to look for organic CBD oils or ones that do not contain solvents, fungicides, or pesticides.

Quality Over Price

Like anything medically related it’s not always best to price shop. You want to have a good quality CBD product for your pet. Get the analysis from the manufacturer to make sure there is little or no THC. Read more about the different types of CBD here.

In Conclusion

CBD can have some great benefits for your pets. Just make sure to do your research first and speak with your veterinarian before moving forward in treating your pet with any CBD products.