Worried about an upcoming drug test and wondering if CBD will show up on the test?

Many people may experience a drug test at some point in their life. There are different occasions to be drug tested, one of the most common being a workplace drug test. 56% of US employers require their employees to take drug tests before being hired. Providing a safe workplace for yourself and others is the top reason why companies might order drug tests for their employees. Other reasons include protecting the business’s reputation, avoiding lawsuits, and maintaining an employee’s productivity. 

With cannabis-related products on the rise, both THC & CBD, many users of these products especially CBD, are questions if CBD will show up on a drug test. First, we must understand what is being tested.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the active chemical in marijuana responsible for making you high. Because THC is mind-altering, you may see how using THC could cause problems within the workplace.

Most drug tests are testing for THC, the mind-altering component in cannabis products, not CBD.

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Will CBD show up on a Drug Test?

If you are a user of CBD or plan on using, you might wonder if CBD may come up in a drug test. To answer your question, CBD is very unlikely to show up on a drug test since they typically test for THC, rather than CBD. However, depending on the manufacturer of the CBD you’re using and the testing methods they use (if any), there can be micro-levels of THC that may be found in CBD products. In this case, it is possible, although extremely unlikely, that THC would be detected on a drug test when using CBD products. This is why using CBD products that have been tested by a reputable company is always the better option to ensure you’re using a safe product, but also one with little to no THC content if you’re avoiding THC.