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We use Hemp Oil, sourced by it's high quality and purely natural elements.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I've been using Red Feather CBD oil for the arthritis in my back for about 6 months now.  It has helped so much that I am almost totally off my prescription medication. 
- California, Age 72
I used the CBD salve for about 3 days to treat a sore arm muscle.  It immediately reduced the ache and the pain went away much faster than expected.  It is easy to use and really works.
- Arizona, Age 70
I've been using the Red Feather Releaf products for several years and have shared them with friends.  One friend had severely burned her hand , she was thrilled with how quickly her hand healed using the salve. 
- Arizona, Age 68
I used the salve on a scar on my face from a skin cancer removal.  The scar is almost gone and unnoticeable.  The salve worked wonders!
- Utah, Age 42
Two of my teenage sons used the acne roller and had great results. By the next day, redness and inflammation decreased. Outbreaks seem less often and not as bad.
My whole family uses the salve for everything from muscle aches, joint pain, back and shoulder injuries, shin splints, plantar fasciitis. The salve helps relieve discomfort and swelling. My sons are endurance athletes and use the salve in their recovery routines and swear it speeds the recovery process.
I highly recommend both of these products!

- California, Age 44


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