If you’re new to CBD or are thinking about trying it, you’re probably wondering how long does it take for CBD to work?

Because CBD is not 100% regulated and there is no structure to dosage requirements, the effects can be different product to product. Additionally, not all products have the same levels of CBD or even type of CBD. That being said, dosage and levels of CBD in the product you’re using will greatly affect the results you see and experience.

Depending on the product, not all CBD will make it into your system, and even smaller amounts into your endocannabinoid system which is where CBD tends to have the greatest effect. When applied topically, there will be less absorption than being taken orally. Here we will breakdown the types of products and what to look for regarding results.

Oils and Tinctures

Compared to others, this is one of the quicker ways to feel the effects of CBD. Users suggest holding the oil under your tongue for 30-90 seconds before swallowing. Typical time users feel effects are around twenty to thirty minutes and last around four to six hours. Absorption time can vary depending on the amount of food in your digestive system

CBD Edibles

Since CBD became mainstream, many companies started adding CBD to different edible products like drinks, capsules, gummies and other various treats. Similar to oils, edibles will have to be digested even more so before entering your system, so it will take a bit longer than placing CBD oil directly under your tongue. Usually taking around an hour to feel effects and effects lasting around four hours.

Vaporizing (Vaping)

Many companies have many pure CBD cartridges for vaporizers with little to no THC. Vaporizers heat CBD oil in a vape pen which you inhale. Vaporizers will definitely be one of the faster ways to feel effects because your lungs quickly absorb the vapor along with oxygen you’re breathing in. People usually can experience the effects within minutes, lasting effects for multiple hours. Vaporizer’s bio-availability rate is a lot higher than other use methods.

Topical CBD Lotions and Creams

With lotions and creams you will want to apply generously to the skin. Effects usually taking around ninety minutes to show and like others, lasting four several hours afterward.

CBD Patches

Patches you will want to apply in an area with a lot of veins. The CBD will gradually be released meaning the effects will continue to be felt a lot longer than other methods.

In Conclusion

Depending on the product you’re using and the quality of the product will greatly affect the results you get. Depending on things like body fat percentage, metabolism, CBD quality, and dosage will all affect the results.

Our suggestion is to try different types of products you’re comfortable with and see what works best with your body.